Bridge: A2, 8.8K, 5.9h, two-conductor (optional four-conductor)
Neck: A2, 7.6K, 5.0h, two-conductor (optional four-conductor)

Carondelet doesn't make a vintage PAF clone for a variety of reason, the main one being it's impossible to make a vintage PAF clone. Meanwhile, our "Classic 2" duet is in our opinions a better vintage PAF-inspired pickup set for the actual players and working musicians we serve. We use some materials, some techniques and some secrets inherent to the design of Gibson's original late 1950s humbuckers. Our Classic 2s can look like the old ones as well. We made hidden improvements, however, like paraffin potting to reduce uncontrollable feedback and improve overall durability and pickup lifespan; and intentional and strategic mismatched coil combinations to enhance fundamental tone roundness, lively harmonic content and decay, and that overall sparkle inherent to great old PAF examples.

Starting at $150 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.