Middle: A5, 11.5 K, 8h

This is our most popular P recipe for bass. The blueprint is vintage turn-of-the-60s “split P” specs as it pertains to the bobbins’ material and thickness; the alloy, length, diameter and gauss of the eight Alnico V magnets; and the coil wire’s gauge and insulation material and its thickness.

We modified and modernized the recipe, however, by adding a 10 percent overwind for a touch of extra growl, throat and output; and exposing both coils to a post-assembly paraffin soak to enhance durability and increase lifespan.

Most importantly, we fixed the most common culprit of dead P-bass pickups … we replaced frail and obsolete vintage cloth push-back leads with extra thick, extra flexible modern silicone rubber leads.  

Starting at $125 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.