"Jeffbuckers reflect me not as a pickup engineer, but as a guitarist of four decades wanting an ultimate do-everything humbucker set."  - Jeff Richard, Carondelet owner/designer 

Bridge: Alnico 8, 13.4K DCR, 8.3h, four-conductor
Neck: Alnico 3, 8.4K DCR, 8.3h, four-conductor 

The Jeffbucker bridge position is a hot-medium wind built around an Alnico 8 magnet, which packs the authority and slice of a modern ceramic but the musicality of classic alnico. The Jeffbucker neck was built around an Alnico 3 magnet for reduced string pull and subsequent warmth and sustain. All four coils are strategically mismatched to each other, to enhance harmonic content and spaciousness. The mismatches also create a third unique and usable tone in the "both pickups" middle position. And both pickups were designed with coil splitting in mind to get as true of a single coil sound as possible with minimal volume cut.

Starting at $150 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.