"Secret Sauce"
Bridge position, Alnico 5, 15.5K, 9.3h

While surfing pickup-related stuff on the Web a few years ago, Jeff came across what was alleged to be three key specs unique to one of the first humbuckers hand-wound by Seymour Duncan for Edward Van Halen. Specifically, the pickup EVH was using in his "Frankie" guitar in the spring of 1981, around the time Van Halen's Fair Warning album was recorded. Three specs are not enough to replicate any humbucker, but Jeff used the alleged attributes as the framework for his "Secret Sauce" pickup. Regardless of the recipe ingredients and their origins, the Carondelet Secret Sauce is without question EVH-inspired and capable of producing the signature tones of not only Pasadena but also the Sunset Strip and anywhere else 80s rock, metal and thrash reigned supreme. 

Starting at $150 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.