Bridge: Alnico 2/5, 10.47 DCR, 7.12h, two-conductor (4C option available)
Neck: Alnico 3/5, 7.75K DCR, 4.82h, two-conductor (4C option available)

I set out to make the ultimate classic-meets-modern humbucker duet for set-neck, short scale, mahogany bodied guitars ... and "Dreambuckers" were the result. zrach Dreambucker uses a hybrid magnet design. The bridge pickup is driven by a PAF-like Alnico 2 magnet, and the neck pickup with an Alnico 3, a Fender alloy favorite. Both retro-flavored pickups, however, also have Alnico V magnets found in melodic yet aggressive modern rock humbuckers.

Mixed with a slightly overwound vintage-inspired coil blueprint, the end result is a warm yet sparkly, harmonically alive and ultra touch sensitive pickup package meeting the needs of every guitar genre.