SPA Neck: A5, 8.2k, 5.2h
Middle: A5/2, 8.7k, 5.5h, RWRP
Bridge: A2, 9k, 6h

TPA Bridge: A2, 9.3k, 5.6h

Our SPAs and TPAs are a P-90 blueprint compressed into a Fender-style single coil footprint. Like a classic dogear or soapbar, each pickup has two alnico bars magnetizing Filister-head screws. The end result is a pickup that combines the wool and throat of a classic Gibson single coil with the chime and presence of a classic Fender single coil. The SPA set drops into a stock Stratocaster with no modifications, and they sound better to our ears with stock 250K pots. The TPA bridge position pickup can be direct mounted into a stock Tele bridge pickup rout; or it can be mounted to a stock Telecaster bridge with supplied hex nuts. There is no TPA neck position pickup (yet), so it is typically mated with a RWRP SPA neck position pickup. It will require a Tele pickguard cut for a stock Strat neck pickup and possibly routing beneath the guard.

Starting at $125 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.