Neck: A5/2 hybrid, 6.0k, 2.9h
Middle: A5/2 hybrid, 6.2k, 3.1h, RWRP
Bridge: A5/2 hybrid with steel reflector plate, 6.4k, 3.5h

Roosters combine the best of Fender's MVP guitar pickups in one working set. Specifically, the voicings of a classic 60s Stratocaster (neck and middle pickups) and that of a Fullerton-era Telecaster (bridge pickup), thanks to a Broadcaster-like reflector plate, among other specs.

Roosters are 5/2 hybrids. We use Alnico 5 rods to preserve the classic scooped mid tones (aka, the chime) of a Strat's EAD wound strings. We use Alnico 2, however, for the GBE plain strings. A2's flatter EQ curve (or lack of one) diffuses the ice and brittleness of those strings, especially on a Strat's bridge position pickup.

The trio offers pickups calibrated output-wise specifically for their positions; a RWRP middle pickup for hum-free switching options; and paraffin potting for squeal-free performance and improved durability and lifespan.

Starting at $100 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.