"Love + War" - Steve Blaze Signature Set

Bridge: A8/A5 hybrid, 13.7K, 8.7h
Neck: A3/A5 hybrid, 8.7k, 8.7h

     “This is the first time I have honestly been able to feel the difference in pickups. The ability to both hear and feel the harmonic warmth and enhanced sustain is beyond anything I have ever played.” - SB 

Steve's first-ever signature pickups combine primary Alnico 8 (bridge) and Alnico 3 (neck) magnets and smaller Alnico 5 magnets to create humbuckers emphasizing player touch sensitivity, tonal balance and lively harmonic content. Both pickups are geared towards modern rock players but ideal for all guitar-centric genres.

Steve Blaze is the founder of Lillian Axe, one of Louisiana’s most popular and longest tenured hard rock bands. Blaze has sold hundreds of thousands of albums as a member of Lillian Axe, Angel, Near Life Experience and through various solo and collaborative projects.

The "Love + War" set includes a card signed by Steve and Jeff telling the story of their pickup collaboration and their friendship, as well as personal guitar picks from Steve's touring stash. 

Starting at $165 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.