Bridge position, A5, 19.6K, 11.1h

        "Hades" began as a collaborative experiment between Carondelet and a notable New Orleans metal guitarist endorsed by a major pickup manufacturer. The artist was curious if a passive pickup could be conceived that would replicate the tone and power of his 9V-powered, preamp-driven active bridge position humbucker. Jeff's response was the ultra high output "Hades" humbucker. The artist liked Hades but ultimately rejected it, deeming it too touch sensitive and too harmonically alive compared to his active pickups. Seeing that most hard rock guitarists want those same dynamic attributes in their pickup, Jeff continued to replicate that artist prototype for others. And in the process, satisfy thrash, doom, black and sludge players seeking a very aggressive yet very musical drivetrain. In the case of a duet, Jeff recommends pairing Hades with a neck position Carondelet Modern 5.

Starting at $150 each before custom options and applicable tax and shipping. Order using contact information at the bottom of the page.

        "The lows are under control while providing a juicy and deep footprint. If you de-tune to the vibe of djent or nu-metal, you just might shake your house off the foundation. When it comes to the mids, they are slightly relaxed and on the even side for a pickup in this class. There is a really touch sensitive, profound, and lush character to the clarity in the top end." 

Darth Phineas review, May 2023